Quotes from The Lion's Lady

Julie Garwood ·  360 pages

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“Lyon knew she wasn't aware she was being watched, either. She wouldn't have eaten the leaf otherwise, or reached for another.

“Sir, which one is Princess Christina?” Andrew asked Lyon, just as Rhone started in choking on his laughter. Rhone has obviously been watching Christina, too.


“The blond-headed one,” Lyon muttered, shaking his head. He watched in growing disbelief as Christina daintily popped another leaf into her mouth.

“Which blond-headed one?” Andrew persisted.

“The one eating the shrubs.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from The Lion's Lady

“The chaos surrounding her was confusing. Everyone was suddenly talking at the same time. Perhaps she should try to swoon after all, Christine considered. No, the settee was already taken, and the floor didn't look all that appealing. She settled on wringing her hands. It was the best she could do to look upset.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from The Lion's Lady

“Your eyes have turned as black as a Crow’s,” she blurted out.

He didn’t even blink over her bizarre comment. “Not this time, Christina,” he said in a furious whisper. “Compliments won’t get me off balance again, my little temptress. I swear to God, if you ever again dismiss me so casually, I’m going to––”

“Oh, it wasn’t a compliment,” Christina interrupted, letting him see her irritation. “How presumptuous of you to think it was. The Crow is our enemy.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from The Lion's Lady

“– Diana: “Christina said the strangest thing.”

– Lyon: “Of course she did.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from The Lion's Lady

“what are you doing?"
" making love to you. roll over katie."
" but we...you're..."
" sure am."
" we can't.."
"it's just one night, right?
"night's not over”
― Julie Garwood, quote from The Lion's Lady

“It's the wife's duty, isn't it, to be submissive to her husband?" Christina asked.
"It is," Lyon answered. His hands moved to the fastenings on her dress. "Oh, yes, it definitely is."
"Then I shall be submissive, Lyon," Christina announced. "When it suits me.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from The Lion's Lady

“Appearances and manners often cloak a black soul.”
― Julie Garwood, quote from The Lion's Lady

“Everyone was staring at
them, and for that reason she forced herself to smile and to act as though it was nothing at all to
be dragged across the room by a man she'd only just met. When she heard one woman whisper in
a loud voice that she and the Marquess made a striking couple, she lost her smile. Yes, she did
feel like hitting Lyon, but it was certainly uncomplimentary of the woman to make such a
― Julie Garwood, quote from The Lion's Lady

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