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9+ quotes from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation by Perri Birney

Quotes from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

Perri Birney ·  586 pages

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“Women of the world, our time has come!

Our leaders have taken us down a road of destruction. Aggressive, masculine reflexes have created more violence and rage, have left us with little hope for remedy in the Middle East or anywhere else. Our hope of
survival lies in honoring the feminine, that which a patriarchal society has tried vehemently to squelch.

Their legacy has left us living in a deluded universe, a world that worships a fixed and righteous view. In order to feel secure, we only welcome change that men in power determine for us. Our patriarchal religions are prime examples of this, creating a one-sided world gone from static, brittle believes.

Let us remember that patriarchy is founded on division not unity. We concentrate on the differences instead of giving importance to the similarities. There is good and bad, there is black and white. We are constantly in a state of opposites. Where does unity come into the picture?

It is no wonder women have been seen as evil, an abhorrent influence that must be destroyed. Intuition, psychic energy, spiritual force, the unknown, creation itself…merely feminine mockeries of sanity—or so it has been claimed by religious men in power. Women have died at the stake for challenging such beliefs, and to this day dogmatic religious views have persisted in undermining the feminine.

Therefore it is up to us to develop a balance between the feminine and the masculine. That’s the formula for a stable democracy. Wisdom and compassion working together will swing the pendulum away from aggression and fear toward peace and conciliation. I’ll venture to say it’s already begun. We have reached a critical mass.

Now the energy of woman is being powerfully unleashed. Negative powers have reached levels where enough of us are reacting against them to instigate change. The critical mass that we have reached cannot be turned back, and the force of it will literally shift the energy of our planet, creating a new paradigm.”
― Perri Birney, quote from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

“Power without compassion is deadly. Compassion devoid of power robs you of victory.”
― Perri Birney, quote from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

“How can a lama say enlightenment is for all beings, yet when he sees me, a woman, he does not give me the teachings as he would a man?”
― Perri Birney, quote from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

“Protecting life and human rights cannot just be a local affair, but a global, a universal condition.”
― Perri Birney, quote from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

“We have lived long enough in madness. Together with our sisters from all nations, we will unite here in Jerusalem. The spirit of humankind has been waiting for us, the mothers of this world. It is the light of the mother’s wisdom that will liberate the holy land from darkness.”
― Perri Birney, quote from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

“The nations of Israel and of the world are all broken, like pieces of shattered glass. It is time for all of us to come together and start anew, not with old ideas about buildings that need to be erected and divisions that need to be marked, but with the new idea of restoring ourselves into unity with God and with one another.”
― Perri Birney, quote from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

“That is what Shambhala is all about,” Matt said, “creating a place that is dedicated to enlightenment—an enlightenment beyond any one religion. It’s about being human. It’s about realizing we are all connected to a universal wisdom, and through that wisdom we can change the world.”
― Perri Birney, quote from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

“Michael saw a radically wild element within Einsof’s otherwise scientific nature. Genius or madman? As history had shown, there was often a fine line of distinction between the two. Einstein, Oppenheimer, Van Gogh, Beethoven. Great artists and scientists who had made sweeping intellectual strides in their field . . . strides all simultaneously accompanied by far-reaching, intuitive leaps that basically opened up new dimensions of experience, some profoundly beneficial and some extraordinarily deadly.”
― Perri Birney, quote from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

“Eat dessert first Life is uncertain”
― Perri Birney, quote from Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation


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