Quotes from The Lost Girls of Rome

Donato Carrisi ·  432 pages

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“Sometimes you need darkness to see things better:”
― Donato Carrisi, quote from The Lost Girls of Rome

“Yet he knew things he would have preferred not to know. Things about men and the evil they do. Things so terrible as to make anyone's confidence waver, and contaminate anyone's heart forever. He looked at the people around him, people who lived without that burden of knowledge, and envied them.”
― Donato Carrisi, quote from The Lost Girls of Rome

“Il silenzio sa essere ostile.
Se non impari a tenerlo lontano, si insinua nelle fessure del rapporto, riempie le crepe e le allarga.
Col tempo crea una distanza e non te ne accorgi.”
― Donato Carrisi, quote from The Lost Girls of Rome

“out similar characteristics in everyone. For example, law students were undisciplined and competitive, medical students strict and lacking a sense of humor, philosophy”
― Donato Carrisi, quote from The Lost Girls of Rome

“Good always has a price, Marcus. Evil comes free.”
― Donato Carrisi, quote from The Lost Girls of Rome

About the author

Donato Carrisi
Born place: in Martina Franca, Italy
Born date March 25, 1973
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