7+ quotes from The Invaders by John Flanagan

Quotes from The Invaders

John Flanagan ·  429 pages

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“Anyone can make a mistake.... It's how they learn from it and recover from it that shows their true worth.”
― John Flanagan, quote from The Invaders

“Men... performed better when they understood why they were being asked to carry out a task.”
― John Flanagan, quote from The Invaders

“He looked up at Stig and Hal. 'Told you this one was a keeper.' Lydia flushed as the two boys smiled. 'Shut up. You make sure you do your stuff with those two overgrown dinner bowls you call shields.”
― John Flanagan, quote from The Invaders

“Welcome to Shelter Bay,' he said to Stig. 'Is that what it's called?' Hal gave him a tired grin. 'It is now'.”
― John Flanagan, quote from The Invaders

“It was ten against ten. So, as Svengal later recounted, it was no contest. He had the enemy outnumbered three to one.”
― John Flanagan, quote from The Invaders

“People always find it amusing when they see a friend suffering, Stig thought.”
― John Flanagan, quote from The Invaders

“Nothing like a little wanton destruction to get boys excited, Thorn thought, smiling to himself.”
― John Flanagan, quote from The Invaders

About the author

John Flanagan
Born place: in Sydney, Australia
Born date May 22, 1944
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