Quotes from New York Dead

Stuart Woods ·  303 pages

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“He was a simple, animal hunger, and he didn't care what he was eating or how it tasted .
It was like taking aspirin to make a headache go away.
You don't enjoy the aspirin”
― Stuart Woods, quote from New York Dead

“There was a sort of invisible, one-way barrier between that young woman and the rest of the world ; everything passed through it to her but very little passed out.”
― Stuart Woods, quote from New York Dead

“watched as Harkness sat down and had a microphone clipped to his lapel. Hi Barker was flitting about, putting his guests at ease; Cary was given a folding chair just out of camera range. The whole group was no more than twelve feet from where Stone stood. “You’re sure they can’t see us?” he asked the director. “Not a chance,” Jimmy replied. “I checked it out earlier.” Two other people, a man and a young woman, came into the control room now and took seats on either side of Jimmy, paying no attention to Stone and Dino. “Ten minutes,” the woman said, looking up at a clock above the row of monitors. Stone watched the monitors as”
― Stuart Woods, quote from New York Dead

“Check Jersey and Westchester, too. On Long Island, just check the fancy private clinics. I want this woman found this morning, dead or alive. When you find her, Stone and Bacchetti get the interview, unless it’s deathbed stuff. Nobody, but nobody says a word to the press except”
― Stuart Woods, quote from New York Dead

“Stone arrived at the station house at one o’clock sharp. The squad room was abuzz with detectives on the phone. He raised his eyebrows at one, and the man gave a huge shrug. A moment later, he hung up.”
― Stuart Woods, quote from New York Dead

About the author

Stuart Woods
Born place: in Manchester, Georgia, The United States
Born date January 1, 1938
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