5+ quotes from Guitar Notes by Mary Amato

Quotes from Guitar Notes

Mary Amato ·  272 pages

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“Maybe it explains the reason why one person likes another. It's because their souls both thrum at the same frequency.”
― Mary Amato, quote from Guitar Notes

“You do realize that you are a termite. You are eating through my soul.”
― Mary Amato, quote from Guitar Notes

“When she talks to Tripp, something nice happens inside of her: a vibration, a thrum. It's as if a tiny wind chime is suspended inside her soul, she thinks, and his words are the wind that makes it ring.”
― Mary Amato, quote from Guitar Notes

“They were lucky to find each other. Nobody could take that away.”
― Mary Amato, quote from Guitar Notes

“Her checkbook catches his eye. He takes it and hides it in the back of the freezer, underneath a bag of frozen lima beans. If she can freeze his account, he can freeze hers.”
― Mary Amato, quote from Guitar Notes

About the author

Mary Amato
Born place: in Belvidere, IL, The United States
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