16+ quotes from The Fractal Prince by Hannu Rajaniemi

Quotes from The Fractal Prince

Hannu Rajaniemi ·  320 pages

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“If reality is not what you want it to be, change it.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“I’m not much of a chess player, but there is an aspect of the game that I find fascinating. After a while, you can almost see lines of force between the pieces. Areas of danger where it is physically impossible to move pieces into. Clouds of possibility, forbidden zones.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“Being who you are for ever is the price you pay for im­mor­tal­ity.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“Live on berries in a hollowed-out comet lit by artificial suns long enough, and you start to have delusions about achieving enlightenment.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“«Per­ho­nen is not here any­more,» it says, with a voice made of wings and whis­pers.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“It feels like trying to juggle eight-side Rubik’s cubes while trying to solve them at the same time. And every time I drop one, God kills a billion kittens.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“Jinni and lost jannahs are less to him than dust.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“In the last hour, I have been offered immortality eight thousand times, the ship says. I hate negotiating with vasilevs.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“The Universe that the quantum gods made is cruel and random.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“If reality is not what you want it to be, change it. You should not accept anything blindly, not death, not immortality.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“there is enough bandwidth here to fry an unprotected human many times over. A”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“True stories do not always end,’ Sumanguru”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“You found the memories. But there was another you who tried to take them. So you trapped him in a prison, and only got out with a box with a god in it. And a memory that said that you needed to go to Earth.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“There is such sadness in his human eye that Tawaddud almost tells him the truth: that he should never marry a girl who loves only monsters. Then”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“There is no point in being upset if you are not prepared to do something about it.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

“But there is no death in the City of the Dead.”
― Hannu Rajaniemi, quote from The Fractal Prince

About the author

Hannu Rajaniemi
Born place: in Ylivieska, Finland
Born date March 9, 1978
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“You are the king no doubt, but in one respect,
at least, I am your equal: the right to reply.
I claim that privilege too.
I am not your slave. I serve Apollo.
I don't need Creon to speak for me in public.

you mock my blindness? Let me tell you this.
You with your precious eyes,
you're blind to the corruption in your life,
to the house you live in, those you live with-
who are your parents? Do you know? All unknowing
you are the scourge of your own flesh and blood,
the dead below the earth and the living here above,
and the double lash of your mother and your father's curse
will whip you from this land one day, their footfall
treading you down in terror, darkness shrouding
your eyes that now can see the light!

Soon, soon,
you'll scream aloud - what haven won't reverberate?
What rock of Cithaeron won't scream back in echo?
That day you learn the truth about your marriage,
the wedding-march that sang you into your halls,
the lusty voyage home to the fatal harbor!
And a crowd of other horrors you'd never dream
will level you with yourself and all your children.

There. Now smear us with insults - Creon, myself
and every word I've said. No man will ever
be rooted from the earth as brutally as you.”
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