5+ quotes from Cage of Stars by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Quotes from Cage of Stars

Jacquelyn Mitchard ·  289 pages

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“There are no coincidences. If something happens and we don't understand the reason, that doesn't mean there is no reason. It means that the reason will later be revealed, likely not in this life.”
― Jacquelyn Mitchard, quote from Cage of Stars

“Already there was black rain inside me.”
― Jacquelyn Mitchard, quote from Cage of Stars

“This infuriated my father, who said BYU was a “meat market” and that if Heavenly Father didn’t intend women to understand economics, why did He give them charge of households, and if women weren’t intended to understand philosophy, why were they the first teachers of the word, and if they weren’t intended to practice psychology, why did the Lord intend they should be mothers?”
― Jacquelyn Mitchard, quote from Cage of Stars

“It was like a lucky pebble kept in my pocket that got so shined up from rubbing against the denim that no one could tell it had ever been an ordinary stone.”
― Jacquelyn Mitchard, quote from Cage of Stars

“Everyone yearns for heaven, and nothing binds you to the hope of eternal life like that kind of defeat on earth.”
― Jacquelyn Mitchard, quote from Cage of Stars

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Jacquelyn Mitchard
Born place: The United States
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