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8+ quotes from Burning Secret by Stefan Zweig

Quotes from Burning Secret

Stefan Zweig ·  128 pages

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“Yalnızca başlangıçtaki vesileye bakmakla yetinirseniz bir sevginin gücünü yanlış değerlendirirsiniz, aslında daha öncesindeki gerilime, ruhun bütün büyük sarsıntılarına zemin hazırlayan, yalnızlığın ve düş kırıklıklarının yarattığı o bomboş karanlığa bakmak gerekir. Yaşanmamış duygular burada birikerek aşırı ağırlaşır ve değeceğine inanılan ilk kişiyle karşılaşıldığında alabildiğine boşalır.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from Burning Secret

“Hiçbir şey zekayı tutkulu bir kuşku kadar bileyemez. Hiçbir şey olgunlaşmamış bir zihnin bütün olanaklarını karanlıkta kaybolan bir iz kadar harekete geçiremez.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from Burning Secret

“Nothing gives so keen an edge to the intelligence as a passionate suspicion.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from Burning Secret

“Y lentamente, de su oscuro miedo empezó a brotar algo que todavía no era felicidad, pero sí un asombro ante la diversidad de la vida.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from Burning Secret

“Un pressentiment vague et fiévreux mêlait un frisson de volupté à l'anxiété d'Edgar.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from Burning Secret

“The clouds floating white and restless in the sky were those you see only in May or June. They were innocent companions, still young and flighty, who ran playfully across the blue road to hide suddenly behind high mountains, linking arms and running away, sometimes crumpling up like handkerchiefs, sometimes unravelling into streamers, and eventually playing a practical joke by setting themselves down on the mountain like white caps.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from Burning Secret

“He had no taste for his own company and avoided such an encounter as much as possible, for the last thing he wanted was to make close acquaintance with himself.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from Burning Secret

“Er wußte, daß er die Reibfläche von Menschen brauchte, um seine Talente, die Wärme und den Übermut seines Herzens aufflammen zu lassen, und er allein frostig und sich selber nutzlos war, wie ein Zündholz in der Schachtel.”
― Stefan Zweig, quote from Burning Secret

About the author

Stefan Zweig
Born place: in Vienna, Austria
Born date November 28, 1881
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“Would it trouble you if I remained?”
“No,” she replied, around a mouthful of chicken.
He took his accustomed seat to her left, but said nothing.
“Do you want any of this?”
“No,” he answered gravely. “I do not normally eat this mortal fare.”
“You should try it.” She stopped, trying to remember if she had ever seen the Lady of Elliath eat anything. Her memory wasn’t up to it. She doubted if anyone’s was—with the possible exception of Latham or Belfas.
Stefanos watched as the fork fell slowly away from her mouth. He saw her face lengthen and felt his hand clenching once again into a fist. This time he felt he knew what he had done.
“Sarillorn,” he said, almost quickly, “if you wish, I will try what you are eating.”
She started and then looked up. “Pardon?”
“I will have some—chicken?”
The plate stared up at her as if it had become a living entity. Very slowly she cut a piece of her dinner and handed him her fork. Her hands were trembling.
He looked at it, his expression no less grave than it was when he asked if he might remain each evening. Then he took it and raised it to his mouth.
Erin watched as he chewed, each movement precise and almost meticulously timed. She counted to five and then watched him swallow.
He turned to meet her wide stare.
“It is—interesting,” he said, still grave. “Perhaps I will join you in more of this—” He gave a controlled gesture. “—at another time.”
Erin laughed.
The sound seemed to come from everywhere, enclosing him as her light had once done.
“You, you’re the most powerful force the Enemy has—and you’ve never lifted a fork!”
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