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5+ quotes from Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee

Quotes from Free Food for Millionaires

Min Jin Lee ·  576 pages

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“Clothing was magic. Casey believed this. She would never admit this to her classmates in any of her women's studies courses, but she felt that an article of clothing could change a person... Each skirt, blouse, necklace, or humble shoe said something - certain pieces screamed, and others whispered seductively, but no matter, she experienced each item's expression keenly, and she loved this world. every article suggested an image, a life, a kind of woman, and Casey felt drawn to them." (Free Food For Millionaires, p.41).”
― Min Jin Lee, quote from Free Food for Millionaires

“Casey glanced at her plate again, recalling the posters of her elementary school lunchroom: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. So, how much you ate indicated the quantity of your desire. Walter was also implying that how quickly you got your food revealed the likelihood of achieving your goals. She was in fact terribly hungry, but she'd pretended to be otherwise to be ladylike and had moved away from the table to be agreeable, and now she'd continue to be hungry" (Free Food For Millionaires, p.92.)”
― Min Jin Lee, quote from Free Food for Millionaires

“Casey meant it when she said, 'Forgive us for our debts as we forgive our debtors,' because they were for her the hardest words to live by, and by saying them, she hoped they'd become possible. Like Ted, Casey would never discuss her ambivalent views on religion. She was honest enough to admit that her privacy cloaked a fear: the fear of being found out as a hypocrite" (Free Food For Millionaires, p.100-101.)”
― Min Jin Lee, quote from Free Food for Millionaires

“The world was cruel with its rations.”
― Min Jin Lee, quote from Free Food for Millionaires

“Don't do what I do but what you think is right. But whatever you do, you can't keep yourself from getting hurt. The heart doesn't seem to work that way.”
― Min Jin Lee, quote from Free Food for Millionaires

About the author

Min Jin Lee
Born place: in Seoul, Korea, Republic of
Born date July 11, 1968
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