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5+ quotes from The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne Weyn

Quotes from The Bar Code Tattoo

Suzanne Weyn ·  252 pages

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“You become the monster you fear the worst, so the monster won't overtake you.”
― Suzanne Weyn, quote from The Bar Code Tattoo

“It'll be okay." She didn't know if it would be okay or not. She somehow doubted it, but what else was there to say?”
― Suzanne Weyn, quote from The Bar Code Tattoo

“You have to know where you were going in order to get there.”
― Suzanne Weyn, quote from The Bar Code Tattoo

“Even thought she saw tattoos everywhere, they continued to fascinate her. How bizarre to be branded like a box of cereal. Didn't people mind being counted as just one more product on a shelf? There had to be more to a person than that.”
― Suzanne Weyn, quote from The Bar Code Tattoo

“Mrs. Reed grabbed Kayla's wrist. "Good. You haven't gotten that damned tattoo. Whatever you do, don't let them make you get it.”
― Suzanne Weyn, quote from The Bar Code Tattoo

About the author

Suzanne Weyn
Born place: in Flushing, New York, The United States
Born date July 6, 1955
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