8+ quotes from A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follett

Quotes from A Dangerous Fortune

Ken Follett ·  596 pages

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“There was also something false about the atmosphere here. It was solemn and dignified like a church or the court of a president or a museum. They were moneylenders, but they acted as if charging interest were a noble calling, like the priesthood.”
― Ken Follett, quote from A Dangerous Fortune

“The Bible says, ‘If any would not work, neither should he eat.’ Saint Paul wrote that, in Second Thessalonians, chapter three, verse ten,”
― Ken Follett, quote from A Dangerous Fortune

“A man who had a love affair was considered wicked but romantic; a woman who did the same was a whore.”
― Ken Follett, quote from A Dangerous Fortune

“The extra line or two around her eyes only made them more fascinating; the touch of silver in her hair enhanced the blackness of the rest; and if she was a little heavier than she had been it made her body more voluptuous.”
― Ken Follett, quote from A Dangerous Fortune

“But when you grab happiness you may let go of something more valuable --- your integrity. - Hugh Pilaster”
― Ken Follett, quote from A Dangerous Fortune

“A man should have a hobby. It keeps him out of trouble. -Madeleine Pilaster”
― Ken Follett, quote from A Dangerous Fortune

“Even if you were taken out of school for want of money, Hugh. It's no excuse for false values. The world is full of poor people who understand that love and friendship are more important than riches - Maisie Greenbourne”
― Ken Follett, quote from A Dangerous Fortune

“I don't stoop to criticize you. I despise you. - Samuel Pilaster”
― Ken Follett, quote from A Dangerous Fortune

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Ken Follett
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