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7+ quotes from Stung by Bethany Wiggins

Quotes from Stung

Bethany Wiggins ·  304 pages

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“I will not die without fighting for a life I am not yet done living.”
― Bethany Wiggins, quote from Stung

“Ew. You guys are gross," Arrin says. "Can we go already? Before she accidentally eats him?”
― Bethany Wiggins, quote from Stung

“And no matter what I did, I couldn't save you. And I Couldn't bring myself to kill you.They..."He takes a deep breath and pull me against him."You might as well have eaten my heart straight from my living body.I would rather die a thousand times at your hands than see you captured.Even if you eat my heart. Because you already own it.”
― Bethany Wiggins, quote from Stung

“I'm sorry," Bowen says
I look up at him."No.It's my fault for being stupid. I shouldn't have used the glass-"
"Fo," Bowen snaps, silencing me. "I'm not sorry the coagulant hurt your hand. You totally deserved it. But I'm sorry about what I said. About being stuck with you."
Sunshine spreads through my body.I sit up and beam at him."Really?"
"Yeah.Really. Aside from you being my potential-and most likely, terrible painful-death, you're not that bad." He smiles and I feel like I could float away.”
― Bethany Wiggins, quote from Stung

“Lick your lips,"she says with a laugh, wiping her damp cheeks. "You might taste him. The instant he learned that your saliva would help him heal, he's been taking full advantage. He left less than an hour ago and kissed you at least five times while he was here.”
― Bethany Wiggins, quote from Stung

“Quiet laughter fills the tunnel."Now I see why you're so attached to her, Bowen. you're gettin' sugar," Tommy says”
― Bethany Wiggins, quote from Stung

“I could have taken you to the lab right now and been done with you.Now I have to babysit you until Sunday." He shakes his head and pushes past me, grumbling under his breath.
"Gee, thanks. But you're the worst babysitter in the history of the world, Dreyden. Babysitters are supposed to be fun," I say to his back, and then stick out my tongue. Very thirteen-year old. He turns and strides up to me, eyes full of fire, not stopping until our noses touch. I gulp and force myself not to step back. "Nothing about life is fum anymore, Fo," he says. And then he leaves, feet thumping sown the stairs.”
― Bethany Wiggins, quote from Stung

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Bethany Wiggins
Born date March 29, 2018
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