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“This is your love; it has to be. I can’t breathe. I can’t fucking breathe without you, Synthia Raine. You weren’t supposed to leave me, Pet; that wasn’t the deal. I told you I would find you, damn you. How could you run from me in death where I cannot follow you? This isn’t right, but I get it now, you taught me. I know what love is, and it hurts. It’s tearing me apart, and I find I don’t enjoy it at all. Had you told me of this kind of pain, I’d have denied wanting it. I’d have lied if I could have. But if not feeling this pain meant never knowing you, I’d feel it again and again—just for you. I’d do it all again for one more moment with you.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“You made me feel the need to be a better person. You, Synthia, you made me want to be a better man.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“I love you,” I whispered.
“I love you too, Synthia. Forever will never be long enough with you.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“I should have spanked you harder,” Ryder growled.
“Wow, can I watch?” Aodhan said as he rounded the corner and interrupted our fight.
“No!” we both shouted as one.
“Damn, but I like bitches who like to be spanked. If you hit that sweet spot…they melt.”
I turned and glared at him.
Ryder growled, which was ten times scarier than my glare.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“We take harm upon our own very harshly, and those who fuck with my family will get no mercy.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“This is your love; it has to be. I can’t breathe. I can’t fucking breathe”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“No woman could ever give me what you have,” he said softly. “I’ll spend eternity loving you, Synthia. And tormenting you in my bed, until you admit who your master is,” he finished.
“I have no master,” I whispered sleepily. “I’ll have a husband soon, and the love of my life. No master though,” I continued.
“I guess we’re not done here,” he replied roguishly.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“She’s my meal, but she no longer feeds from me.” “Try it anyway. Maybe find her a doughnut or something,”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“Get on the bed, Pet, and show me what’s mine. Show me what I own, so I can show it exactly why it belongs to me. There’s a reason you belong to me, and it isn’t because I can brand you, or own you. It’s because when I fuck you, I make sure I do it good enough that when you look at another man, the only thing you can think about, is how sore your sweet flesh is from what I did to it.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“I need no other man because my beautiful beast loves me. He is my equal, and mine. As I am his.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“You were bound to ask it sooner or later. You know what they say about curiosity though, right?"
"That it killed the car?"
"No, it ate the pussy,”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“There is no undoing it, there's only learning from it, becoming stronger because of I, and moving forward to better it
(they speak of past mistakes)”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“maybe you just want her to play with your Lego parts, and tinker with your big blue balls? Just once?” I said.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“Let’s just get to the part where you call me an ass, and I admit that I was a good little solder back then, and then we go see what’s going on,” I said as I faced him.
“You’re an ass,” he said.
“Yes, I was a good little soldier, and did anything I could to help kill Fae, because – and stop me if you know this part – they killed my parents…or so I thought. Anything else you want? Do you need me to say sorry? Because you can hold your breath on that one.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

“Remind your council that the sins of the fathers aren’t that of the sons.”
― Amelia Hutchins, quote from Seducing Destiny

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