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5+ quotes from Trapped by Jack Kilborn

Quotes from Trapped

Jack Kilborn ·  332 pages

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“Too many people would rather fight to the death to defend their bullhead positions. Tyrone was impressed whenever someone changed their mind. It meant acting on reason, and with reason came self-improvement.”
― Jack Kilborn, quote from Trapped

“Georgia hated all of them. Hated them passionately. She preferred to stay lost than ask for help from those idiots. So”
― Jack Kilborn, quote from Trapped

“Ain’t no point in having a god, man, if he’s just a slum lord never does nothin’.”
― Jack Kilborn, quote from Trapped

“She thought she’d hit rock bottom when she’d passed out in a disgusting gas station toilet, a needle stuck in her arm, lying in a puddle of someone else’s urine for hours until the owner discovered her and called the police. But this—an arm’s length from a crazy man who wanted to snack on her—this was the all time low.”
― Jack Kilborn, quote from Trapped

“There wasn’t supposed to be any bear on this island; according to Google, there wasn’t supposed to be any animal here larger than a raccoon. But what if Google was wrong?”
― Jack Kilborn, quote from Trapped

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