6+ quotes from A School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin

Quotes from A School for Unusual Girls

Kathleen Baldwin ·  352 pages

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“And I learned all those many years ago to stop listening to what people said, and listen instead to what they mean. Some people speak with honey and intend to serve us poison. You, my lord, speak with thorns but yearn for cake.”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from A School for Unusual Girls

“Joy means so much more when shared with you.”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from A School for Unusual Girls

"You're here because you're odd. Exceptional Unrelenting, Jane followed me to the edge of the circle. "You're unusual, Georgiana. And that is far more dangerous than any fire."
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from A School for Unusual Girls

“Why must people always assume we moderns knew more than any of the previous cultures? It simply isn't true, evidence proves otherwise.”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from A School for Unusual Girls

“I wasn’t certain Sebastian’s teasing was the same. It felt different somehow. Sera clarified, “That’s the way men are.” Jane”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from A School for Unusual Girls

“I picked up a small square shortbread biscuit and stared at it, noting the uneven angles, wishing it were a perfect square, but it was, after all, merely a baked good, and baked goods did not ordinarily form perfect squares.”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from A School for Unusual Girls


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Kathleen Baldwin
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