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12+ quotes from Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Quotes from Beauty and the Billionaire

Jessica Clare ·  261 pages

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“I don’t find you ugly, Hunter. No one who knew you could.” Her voice was achingly soft. “If anything, I’m grateful that you have these scars, because they saved you for me— for this moment in time. And that’s a little selfish of me, isn’t it? And yet I can’t help but feel that way.”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“The scars were not beautiful, but they were fascinating. They made him different. She liked different.”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“I just wanted you to know that it’s not you. It’s me. It’s all me, and if I push you away it’s because I don’t know how to pull you close. I’m not . . . I’m not good with people.”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“There was just something about other people’s expectations that made her freeze in place, unable to function.”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“If I live to be a hundred, I'll never feel as deeply for anyone as I feel for you right now. You bring light and sunshine to my life. I'm not telling you that I love you to make you unhappy. I'm telling you thank you. Thank you for coming into my life.”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“She rolled her eyes and pulled out her phone, jiggling it in her sister’s direction. “Call me if you need me. And keep your phone on you so I can check you via text.”

“I’m twenty-six, Audrey. I can handle myself.”

“You’re in your pajamas, talking to your cat. Forgive me if I feel a moment of doubt. It’s like you’re turning into the crazy cat lady before my eyes.”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“Audrey shouldered her small weekend bag and gave Gretchen an odd look. “Where’s all your bravery?”

“I didn’t realize I was going to be living at frickin’ Hogwarts! I—”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“I cannot believe we are to be parted once more. The three months we spent together were Heaven on earth. I wake up in the morning, wanting to feel your form next to mine, but you are gone. My hands slide into my pantaloons and I must touch myself, trying to remember the feel of your mouth against my most delicate of female parts.

Gretchen’s eyes widened. Holy shit. That was . . . graphic. “Lulabelle, you little Victorian sexpot, you.”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“You might be on to something, Audrey.”

“Of course I am,” her sister said smugly. “The question is, what are you going to do about it?”

“You mean, hold him down and take his virginity?”

“No! Yuck! Gretchen, that’s a visual I did not want.”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“He might be off balance and afraid to make a move if he thinks you’re sexually experienced and he’s not. Can you pretend to be a virgin?” Audrey sounded amused at the thought.

“Har de har. I just need to think about it.”

“About pretending to be a virgin?”

“No. About leveling the playing field.”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“It seemed they were thinking along the same wavelength. “Is it too early in the day to throw you down on the floor and f**k you?”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

“Jedes Herz singt ein Lied, unvollstänidg, bis ein anderes Herz zurückflüstert.”
― Jessica Clare, quote from Beauty and the Billionaire

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