Quotes from Open Season

C.J. Box ·  278 pages

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“In Wyoming, the people owned the game animals, and they took their ownership to heart.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Open Season

“Wyomingites, Joe had observed, didn’t know what to do when it rained except get out of it, watch it through the window, and wait for it to go away.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Open Season

“The relationship between a father and his daughters, Joe had discovered, was a remarkably powerful thing. They looked to him to accomplish greatness; they expected it as a matter of course because he was their dad and therefore a great man.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Open Season

“Stops at the end of the road collected Clyde Lidgards like dams collected silt.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Open Season

“Pronghorn antelope were the second fastest mammals on earth—only an African cheetah could outrun them.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Open Season

“We’re bringing good little people into the world who have a mom and a dad who care about them and love them. They know right from wrong because their parents teach them which is which, and because their parents live by example. Somewhere, there is a reward for us, Joe. We need to believe that. We won’t just be abandoned.”
― C.J. Box, quote from Open Season

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C.J. Box
Born place: Wyoming, The United States
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