18+ quotes from The Client by John Grisham

Quotes from The Client

John Grisham ·  483 pages

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“It's amazing how lies grow. You start with a small one that seems easy to cover, then you get boxed in and tell another one. Then another. People believe you at first, then they act upon your lies, and you catch yourself wishing you'd simply told the truth.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“You advised him not to get a lawyer, giving as one of your reasons the opinion that lawyers are a pain in the ass. Gentlemen, the pain is here.
-Reggie Love”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“You wired the kid," Truemann said meekly to no one in particular.
"Why not? No crime. You're the FBI, remember. You boys run more wire than AT&T."[Reggie Love]”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“There was something unfair about a system in which a little kid was brought into a courtroom and surrounded by lawyers arguing and sniping at each other under the scornful eye of a judge, the referee, and somehow in the midst of this barrage of laws and code sections and motions and legal talk the kid was supposed to know what was happening to him. It was hopelessly unfair.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“The theory was simple: If a man had enough sense to accumulate a bunch of cash, then he would certainly make a worthy U.S senator.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“Children make lousy clients. The lawyer becomes much more than a lawyer. With adults, you simply lay the pros and cons of each option on the table. You advise this way and that. You predict a little, but not much. Then you tell the adult it’s time for a decision and you leave the room for a bit. When you return, you are handed a decision and you run with it. Not so with kids. They don’t understand lawyerly advice. They want a hug and someone to make decisions. They’re scared and looking for friends.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“One good thing about jail is that it allows you to think a lot.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“He lived forty-four years and no one cried at his funeral.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“his finger around the trigger. Mark closed his eyes and felt nothing. “How old are you, Mark?” “Eleven.” “You told me that. Eleven. And I’m forty-four. We’re both too young to die, aren’t we, Mark?” “Yes sir.” “But it’s happening, pal. Do you feel it?” “Yes sir.” “My client killed a man and hid the body, and now my client wants to kill me. That’s the whole story. They’ve made me crazy. Ha! Ha! This is great, Mark. This is wonderful. I, the trusted”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“Strippers. Get them a job, then an apartment, buy some clothes, feed them nice dinners, and then they get culture and start making demands. They were an expensive habit, but one he could not break.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“Dianne was suddenly concerned. Two boys see the same event. One goes into shock. It’s reasonable to believe the other would be affected. She hadn’t thought of this. She leaned down next to him. “Mark, are you all right?” He knew he had her. “I think so,” he said with a frown, as if a migraine were upon him.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“Hardy said Ricky might be locked up in some institution for months, maybe years, if the doctors weren’t told the truth about what the boys witnessed. Hardy was okay, not too bright, and he was making the mistake of talking to Mark as if he were five years old instead of eleven.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“Strippers. Get them a job, then an apartment, buy some clothes, feed them nice dinners, and then they get culture and start making demands.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“At times he thinks like a terrorist, then he cries like a little child."
- Reggie Love”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“The trees thinned just before the crumbling”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“Americans no longer experience vacations. They simply Sony them so they can ignore them for the rest of the year.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“Contents About the Book About the Author Also by John Grisham Title Page Dedication Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

“No, thanks. They won’t go away. You take care of Ricky and Mom, and me and the lawyer’ll take care of the FBI.”
― John Grisham, quote from The Client

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John Grisham
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