9+ quotes from Young Love Murder by April Brookshire

Quotes from Young Love Murder

April Brookshire ·  502 pages

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“My existence is colorless when I’m not imagining you. You haunt me, Annabelle. ”
― April Brookshire, quote from Young Love Murder

“I want you back, Annabelle.” This time my laughter is full of nothing but genuine humor. It’s that ‘oh my god, I can’t believe that’ kind of humor. I lean forward and put my face in my palms, still laughing. “Holy crap,” I say in-between laughs, “that’s hilarious.” I peek up at him to see his disgruntled expression and then bust up laughing again.  “I’m serious,” he grunts out, looking cute in his exasperation, damn him. Not done, I hold up a hand. “Oh, oh, wait. Just let me go get my gun so you can shoot me again. Of course I want to get back together with you, Gabriel.” Putting on a serious face, I say earnestly, “He shoots me because he loves me.”
― April Brookshire, quote from Young Love Murder

“That’s it. That is fucking it. I stand up, grab Anna by the waist and, while dragging her to the bedroom, say over my shoulder to Brent, “If you can answer the door when her brother gets here, we’d appreciate it. Don’t bother us for the next hour, two if Anna’s as insatiable as usual. You may want to turn on the television to drown out the noise!” I push a laughing Anna into the bedroom and slam the door behind us.  ”
― April Brookshire, quote from Young Love Murder

“since I’m still healing from my gunshot wound. That I wear like a badge of honor. My baby gave me this injury. ‘Cause she loves me.”
― April Brookshire, quote from Young Love Murder

“Why do you love me?”

I sigh at the question I’ve asked myself frequently over the years. With a quick peck to his lips, I tell him, “Because, in you, I found my heart.”
― April Brookshire, quote from Young Love Murder

“All right, I’ll go with this one called ‘Handsome Devil’. That’s me after all.”
― April Brookshire, quote from Young Love Murder

“of myself right off the bat? If that doesn’t send her running back to me, I don’t know what will.”
― April Brookshire, quote from Young Love Murder

“How do you say goodbye to the person who was the single greatest influence on who you are?”
― April Brookshire, quote from Young Love Murder

“Reason calls me a liar. I tell Reason where he can shove it. Reason must be a guy, because only a male can be that big of a pain in the ass.”
― April Brookshire, quote from Young Love Murder

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April Brookshire
Born place: in California, The United States
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