8+ quotes from One Shot by Lee Child

Quotes from One Shot

Lee Child ·  496 pages

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“I was in the machine. My whole life. Then the machine coughed and spat me out. So I thought, OK, if I'm out, I'm out. All the way out. I was a little angry and it was probably an immature reaction. But I got used to it.”
― Lee Child, quote from One Shot

“I went to college. West Point is technically a college.”
― Lee Child, quote from One Shot

“you know much about head injuries?'
'only the ones I cause”
― Lee Child, quote from One Shot

“It is not possible for any thinking person to live in such a society as our own without wanting to change it,”
― Lee Child, quote from One Shot

“down somewhere after getting rid of the”
― Lee Child, quote from One Shot

“Zec back toward the living room. The kettle’s whistle died away, like an air raid siren winding down. The house went quiet again. “It’s over,” Reacher said. “You lost.” “It’s never over,” the Zec replied. Hoarse voice,”
― Lee Child, quote from One Shot

“They were doped up? Then you were lucky.”

Reacher shook his head. “You want to fight with me, your best choice would be aspirin.”
― Lee Child, quote from One Shot

“We’ll find you,’ Emerson said. ‘You won’t,’ Reacher said. ‘Nobody ever has before.’ Then”
― Lee Child, quote from One Shot


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Lee Child
Born place: The United Kingdom
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“We affect one another quite enough merely by existing. Whenever the stars cross, or is it comets? fragments pass briefly from one orbit to another. On rare occasions there is total collision, but most often the two simply continue without incident, neither losing more than a particle to the other, in passing.”
― Gore Vidal, quote from The City and the Pillar

“Think of the mind as a river: the faster it flows, the better it keeps up with the present and responds to change. The faster it flows, also the more it refreshes itself and the greater its energy. Obsessional thoughts, past experiences (whether traumas or
successes), and preconceived notions are like boulders or mud in this river, settling and hardening
there and damming it up. The river stops moving; stagnation sets in. You must wage constant war on this tendency in the mind.”
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“Life is fragile. Screw all that hesitant bullshit. We were going to go for it.”
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“C'est une personne, la vie, une personne qu'il faut prendre comme partenaire. Entrer dans sa valse, dans ses tourbillons, parfois elle te fait boire la tasse et tu crois que tu vas mourir et puis elle t'attrape par les cheveux et te dépose plus loin. Parfois elle t'écrase les pieds, parfois elle te fait valser. Il faut entrer dans la vie comme on entre dans une danse. Ne pas arrêter le mouvement en pleurant sur soi, en accusant les autres, en buvant, en prenant des petites pilules pour amortir le choc. Valser, valser, valser.”
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“Are you sure this isn’t crazy?” “Oh, I’m sure it is crazy. But isn’t that our thing? Or have you gotten boring now?”
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