11+ quotes from Eclipse by Erin Hunter

Quotes from Eclipse

Erin Hunter ·  336 pages

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“I'm not going to get myself hurt." I'm too important to let that happen.
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

“Truth is a powerful weapon ... We must be careful how we use it." (Quote by Spottedleaf, page 5)”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

“Lives begun in deception are always lived in shadow." (Stated by Yellowfang, page 3)”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

“i freaking LOVE the warriors i will cry,laugh,”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

“Stop it, you two!” Spiderleg’s stern mew echoed around the hollow as he separated his kits. “We were just playing,” Toadkit complained. “Well, play something quieter!” Spiderleg snapped. “I don’t envy you, Graystripe. Two kits are hard enough.” Then he yelped in pain. “When I told you to play something else, Toadkit, I didn’t mean attacking my tail!”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

“There is a darkness coming that not even Starclan can prevent. And when it comes, we will be helpless to protect the Clans. Helpless even to protect ourselves.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

The light will return, just like the sun came back, but it will be your light, and yours to control.
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

“The time of the Clans was coming to an end, and he, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf were the only ones who could save them.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

“Poor Cinderpaw’ll think she’s being stalked by toadstools,” Lionpaw mewed.”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

“begged. “He’s just outside,” Jaypaw told her. “Good.” Millie sighed as the spasm left her. “Don’t”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

“Have they given up the warrior code?” Hollypaw’s breath was coming in fast gulps. They’ve given up more than the code. Jaypaw glanced at the sky. “Is”
― Erin Hunter, quote from Eclipse

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