30+ quotes from Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward

Quotes from Lover Unleashed

J.R. Ward ·  512 pages

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“One more thing."
"I think we're dating now." As V barked out a laugh, the cop shrugged. "Come on....I got you naked. You wore a damn corset. And don't get me started about the sponge bath afterward."
"To the end.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Butch tightened his grip on his cell and wished there were an app that let you reach through a phone and bitch slap someone.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“I have no words. Sixteen languages, but no words.
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“I came to you, Jane. Every night this week, I came to you. I didn't want you to be alone. And I didn't want to sleep without you." -Vishous”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Love can conquer everything but reality. Which will win every stinking time.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“I don’t think my sister is old enough to have sex.”

“V, she’s the same age you are.”

He frowned for a moment. Was she? Or had he been born first?”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“You're the reason I get out of bed every night. And you're the reason I can't wait to come home every dawn. Not the war. Not the Brothers. Not even Butch. It's...you.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Payne looked back through the glass at the human on the bed. "Yes. I am in love with him. And if you try to dissuade me by the fact that I have not lived yet enough to judge, I say unto you...fuck off.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“One thing you could say about Butch was that his wardrobe was full of options. "Never thought I'd be glad that you're a clothes whore."

"I believe the term is sharp dresser.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“There was pain, and then there was PAIN. This was PAIN
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“You are perfect for a female."
"Not where I come from."
"Then they're using the wrong standard.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“He screamed for all he had lost...screamed for the half male he was...screamed for Jane...screamed for who his parents were and what he wished for his sister...screamed for what he had forced his best friend to do...He screamed, and screamed until there was no breath, no consciousness, no nothing.

No past or present.
Not even himself anymore.
And in the midst of the chaos, in the strangest way, he became free.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“What’s next? The size of my cock?”

“Hey, even pencils can get the job done—I’ve heard the moaning from your room to prove it.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Sometimes the only way to know how far you'd come was to return to where you once had been.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Have I mentioned you are the hottest geek I've ever known ?”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Those deep hazel eyes held his and didn't blink.
"You'd be amazed what I would do to keep you alive."
Abruptly, V's mouth opened, his breath growing tight. And as the two of them stood chest-to-chest, he knew every inch of his body, felt it all at once.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Vishous screamed.
The only thing that was louder was the
pop as the hip was relocated, as it were. And the last thing he saw before he checked out of the Conscious Inn & Suites was Jane's head whipping around in a panic. In her eyes was stark terror, as if the single worst thing that she could imagine was him in agony...
And that was when he knew that he still loved her.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“I wish I were whole. I wish I could have given you youngs, if you'd wanted them and I could conceive them. I wish I could have told you it killed me when you thought I had been with anyone else. I wish I had spent the last year waking up every night and telling you I loved you. I wish I had mated you properly the evening you came back to me from the dead.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Undeterred by his lack of enthusiasm, she leaned forward, flashing him a set of breasts that didn't so much defy gravity as flip it off, insult its mother, and piss on its shoes.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“They never held hands. Never kissed in front of anyone. And there were no covert hot glances, either. But then again, Blay was a gentleman. And Saxton the Classy Slut put on a good show.

His cousin was a straight-up whore—”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“I don’t need to tell you not to fuck my buddy. Right.”

The surgeon looked around his little-glass-bottle-and-needle routine. “I’m not thinking of sex at the moment, thank you very much. But if I was, it sure as shit wouldn’t be with him. So instead of worrying about who I’m tapping, how’d you like to do us all a favor and have a shower. You stink.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Love, he realized, was like the daggers he made in his forge: When you first got one it was shiny and new and the blade glinted bright in the light. Holding it against your palm, you were full of optimism for what it would be like in the field, and you couldn't wait to try it out. Except those first couple of nights out were usually awkward as you got used to it and it got used to you.

Over time, the steel lost its brand-new gleam, and the hilt became stained, and maybe you nicked the shit out of the thing a couple of times. What you got in return, however, saved your life: Once the pair of you were well acquainted, it became such a part of you that it was an extension of your own arm. It protected you and gave you a means to protect your brothers; it provided you with the confidnece and the power to face whatever came out of the night; and wherever you went, it stayed with you, right over your heart, always there when you needed it.

You had to keep the blade up, however. And rewrap the hilt from time to time. And double-check the weight.

Funny...all of that was well, duh when it came to weapons. Why hadn't it dawned on him that matings were the same?

(From the thoughts of Vishous)”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Listen to me. You have the fashion sense of a park bench and the interpersonal skills of a meat cleaver--"

"Is this supposed to be helping?"

"Let me finish--"

"What's next? The size of my cock?"

"Hey, even pencils can get the job done--I've heard the moaning from your room to prove it.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“I would do anything for you. Anything."

With that, he pushed his way out...and as the door eased shut, she realized that I love you could indeed be said without actually uttering the phrase.

Actions did mean more than words.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“His cheeks were slick with tears that spilled over his diamond eyes, a ceaseless flow he neither noticed nor appeared to care about. And she had a feeling it was going to be a while before the leaking stopped-an inner artery had been nicked and this was the blood of his heart, spilling out of him, covering him.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“It's all right Vishous" she said "It's going to be all right."
"I do not crave this." But he needed it before he became a danger to himself and others.
"I know. And I love you, too."
" You are a blessing beyond measure," He pronounced in the Old Language.
And then he bowed to her and turned away.
-Marissa and Vishous”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“What are the rules," The cop said.
"There are none." Vishous spread his stance and braced himself.
"Do whatever you want...but you have to break me. You've got to tear me apart.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“Because my patient just sat herself up--and I'm not talking about her raising her torso off the damn pillows. I wasn't there when she did it and I need to see how it happened."

Red Sox seemed to stop breathing. "What...I'm sorry. What the fuck are you saying."

"Do I need to reenact it in charades or some shit?"

"I'll pass on that--I so don't need you on your knees in front of me with only a towel on."

"Which makes two of us."

"Wait, are you serious?"

"Yeah. I'm really not interested in blowing you, either.”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“I'm sorry," Butch croaked. "Oh God, I'm so sorry..."
V put his arm out and curled it around the cop. Pulling the male close to his chest, he laid his head down on his buddy's.
"It's okay," He said roughly. "It's all right. It's okay...You did the right thing...”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed

“It finally happened, he thought as he burrowed under his shirt and took hold of his heavy cross. All his life he’d wondered why he’d never fallen in love, and now he knew: He’d been waiting for this moment, this woman, this time. The female is mine, he thought. - Manny”
― J.R. Ward, quote from Lover Unleashed


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