Quotes from Kate's Song

Jennifer Beckstrand ·  320 pages

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“I cannot give up chasing after happiness simply because there might be pain down the road.”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“Grief is a stern teacher, but I am confident I could not have learned some lessons in any other way. For that, I am grateful. Grateful to God for loving me enough to stretch me and push me and crush me, to refine me in the furnace of affliction, to force me to stretch my faith beyond what I could see.
God loves me more than I can possible comprehend. He watches over me. He watches over all of us. But if the way were easy, how could we grow into who He wants us to be? How could our faith become unshakable?”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“Every choice involves some kind of pain. Choosing one path means rejecting another along with everything down it.”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“But why will God not speak to me?...I think when God is silent, He wants us to prove in our hearts that we are willing to follow Him no matter the cost. If all answers were crystal-clear, how could we show our devotion to Him?”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“God will make known to you how He wants you to use this gift.”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“Did she look different? She felt different, as if she had traveled a thousand miles and a hundred lifetimes in a few short minutes.”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“The world around them ceased to exist, and they stared at each other accross the tumult, communicating thoughts that could not be put into words. His eyes never strayed from her face, as if he were trying to read every line to understand what he saw there. She held her breath, almost unable to bear the intesne rush of ecstasy she felt when his eyes were upon her. "I love you." Her lips formed the words she was too overjoyed to speak.”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“He should talk to her - not on the phone where so much could be hidden, but face to face. He wanted to see her. Look into her eyes, no matter how painful, and find the truth.”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“If everything in life could be as utterly lovely as newly washed hand towels and daintily perfumed soaps.”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“For as long as I am your mother and you are my only child, i will worry and hope and pray for you. Do not ask the impossible.”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“How could I understand my weaknesses if my strength had not been tested?”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“Understanding what I give up and knowing that I choose freely makes my choice more precious to me.”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“Their lips met with a tenderness Kate had not dreamed possible. The weeks of heart-break and uncertainty, the pain of wasted days, and the despair of unfulfilled dreams released her like winter surrenders its ruthless grip on the frozen earth in early spring. Did every kiss hold such promise?”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

“Choose that good part, which shall not be taken away from you.” “Be still, and know that I am God.”
― Jennifer Beckstrand, quote from Kate's Song

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