Quotes from Heroes of the Valley

Jonathan Stroud ·  483 pages

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“But I do get afraid. It's just that fear makes me sort of . . . angry and resentful, and I bite back at it. It's hard to describe."

It isn't hard to describe, you idiot," Aud said. "It's called courage.”
― Jonathan Stroud, quote from Heroes of the Valley

“Ah, you coward! Look at you, running."

"Actually, it's called improvising.”
― Jonathan Stroud, quote from Heroes of the Valley

“What is a gathering without unseemly drunkenness?”
― Jonathan Stroud, quote from Heroes of the Valley

“Long ago I dreamed of being a hero in your company" Halli said Huskily "I'm sorry to say your reality disappoints me”
― Jonathan Stroud, quote from Heroes of the Valley

“The stories that bind us, Halli. The stories we live by, that dictate what we do and where we go. The stories that give us our names, our identities, the places we belong, the people we hate.”
― Jonathan Stroud, quote from Heroes of the Valley

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Jonathan Stroud
Born place: in Bedford, The United Kingdom
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