Quotes from Linden Hills

Gloria Naylor ·  304 pages

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“The music in his laughter had a way of rounding off the missing notes in her soul.”
― Gloria Naylor, quote from Linden Hills

“They all trying to say something with music that you can't say with plain talk. There ain't really no words for love or pain. And the way I see it, only fools go around trying to talk their love or talk their pain. So the smart people make music and you can kinda hear about it without them saying anything.”
― Gloria Naylor, quote from Linden Hills

“You can lose a lot when you travel too much.”
― Gloria Naylor, quote from Linden Hills

“We all don't have to see eye to eye in order to see our way to the Kingdom. It's the heart condition of each man that the Lord will judge.”
― Gloria Naylor, quote from Linden Hills

“True insanity, as frightening as it might be, gives a sort of obliviousness to the chaos in a life. People who commit suicide are struggling to order their existence, and when they see it's a losing battle, they will finalize it rather than have it wrenched from them. Insanity wouldn't permit that type of clarity.”
― Gloria Naylor, quote from Linden Hills

“You don't repay kindness with needless cruelty.”
― Gloria Naylor, quote from Linden Hills

“..but it's one of the reflections of our times. Young minds today are dulled by television and other visual sensations. When reading was one of the few pleasures available, we could recite whole passages to eachother.”
― Gloria Naylor, quote from Linden Hills

“Bloody noses had made them friends, but giving sound to the bruised places in their hearts made them brothers.”
― Gloria Naylor, quote from Linden Hills

About the author

Gloria Naylor
Born place: in New York, The United States
Born date January 25, 1950
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