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Susan Hill ·  138 pages

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“For I see that then I was still all in a state of innocence, but that innocence, once lost, is lost forever.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“A man may be accused of cowardice for fleeing away from all manner of physical dangers but when things supernatural, insubstantial and inexplicable threaten not only his safety and well-being but his sanity, his innermost soul, then retreat is not a sign of weakness but the most prudent course.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“I have sat here at my desk, day after day, night after night, a blank sheet of paper before me, unable to lift my pen, trembling and weeping too.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“My head reeled at the sheer and startling beauty, the wide, bare openness of it. The sense of space, the vastness of the sky above and on either side made my heart race, I would have travelled a thousand miles to see this. I had never imagined such a place.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“Whatever was about, whoever I had seen, and heard rocking, and who had passed me by just now, whoever had opened the locked door was not 'real'. No. But what was 'real'? At that moment I began to doubt my own reality.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“I had always known in my heart that the experience would never leave me, that it was now woven into my very fibers, an inextricable part of my past, but I had hoped never to have to recollect it, consciously, and in full, ever again. Like an old wound, it gave off a faint twinge now and again, but less and less often, less and less painfully, as the years went on and my happiness, sanity and equilibrium were assured. Of late, it had been like the outermost ripple on a pool, merely the faint memory of a memory.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“For a long time, I did not move from the dark, wood-panelled hall. I wanted company, and I had none, lights and warmth and a strong drink inside me, I needed reassurance. But, more than anything else, I needed an explanation. It is remarkable how powerful a force simple curiosity can be. I had never realized that before now. In spite of my intense fear and sense of shock, I was consumed with the desire to find out exactly who it was that I had seen, and how, I could not rest until I had settled the business, for all that, while out there, I had not dared to stay and make any investigations.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“No, no, you have none of you any idea. This is all nonsense, fantasy, it is not like this. Nothing so blood-curdling and becreepered and crude - not so...so laughable. The truth is quite other, and altogether more terrible.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“(...) człowiek nie może pozostawać bez końca w stanie wielkiego przerażenia. Albo emocje rosną do tego stopnia, ze pod naciskiem coraz okropniejszych wypadków i skojarzeń ono ogarnia go tak bardzo, że ucieka bądź popada w szaleństwo. Lu też wewnętrzne poruszenie zacznie go stopniowo opuszczać, ustępując miejsca rosnącemu opanowaniu.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“It was true that the ghastly sounds I had heard through the fog had greatly upset me but far worse was what emanated from and surrounded these things and arose to unsteady me, an atmosphere, a force - I do not exactly know what to call it - of evil and uncleanness, of terror and suffering, of malevolence and bitter anger”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“Można oskarżyć człowieka o tchórzostwo, jeśli ucieka przed wszelkiego rodzaju fizycznymi zagrożeniami. Ale gdy już nie tylko jego bezpieczeństwu i dobremu samopoczuciu, ale wręcz jego zdrowiu i jego najtajniejszemu jestestwu zaczynają zagrażać zjawiska nadprzyrodzone, bezcielesne i niewytłumaczalne, wtedy odwrót jest oznaką nie słabości, ale tego, że wybrał rozsądną linię postępowania.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“I did not look about me, though sometimes I glanced up into the great bowl of the night sky and at the constellations scattered there and the sight was comforting and calming to me, things in the heavens seemed still to be aright and unchanged. But nothing else was, within me or all around. I knew now that I had entered some hitherto unimagined - indeed, unbelieved-in - realm of consciousness, that coming to this place had already changed me and that there was no going back.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“I knew him the least well, understood him scarcely at all, felt uneasy in his presence, and yet perhaps in a strange way loved him more deeply than any.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“She had a ghostly pallor and a dreadful expression, she wore clothes that were out of keeping with the styles of the present-day; she had kept her distance from me and she had not spoken. Something emanating from her still, silent presence, in each case by a grave, had communicated itself to me so strongly that I had felt indescribable repulsion and fear. And she had appeared and then vanished in a way that surely no real, living, fleshly human being could possibly manage to do. And”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“he told me, married and with a child of his own.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“It was nine-thirty on Christmas Eve. As I crossed the long entrance hall of Monk’s Piece on my way from the dining room, where we had just enjoyed the first of the happy, festive meals, toward the drawing room and the fire around which my family were now assembled, I paused and then, as I often do in the course of an evening, went to the front door, opened it and stepped outside.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“I was still all in a state of innocence, but that innocence once lost, is lost forever.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“Suggested Reading Louis Bayard, The Black Tower; Sarah Blake, Grange House; F. G. Cottam, The House of Lost Souls; Michael Cox, The Glass of Time; Mark Frost, The List of Seven; John Harwood, The Ghost Writer; Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“I do not believe I have ever again slept so well as I did that night in the inn at Crythin Gifford. For I see that then I was still all in a state of innocence, but that innocence, once lost, is lost forever.”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“...I was forced to live through it all, every minute and then every day thereafter...”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

“I had been right, this was just the sort of place where superstition and tittle-tattle were rife, and even allowed to hold sway over commonsense. Now,”
― Susan Hill, quote from The Woman in Black

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Susan Hill
Born place: in Scarborough, The United Kingdom
Born date February 5, 1942
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[Page 104]
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