9+ quotes from Lavondyss by Robert Holdstock

Quotes from Lavondyss

Robert Holdstock ·  416 pages

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“you were both hunter and hunted; the shadow of your thoughts was the beast which killed you.”
― Robert Holdstock, quote from Lavondyss

“All things are known, Tallis, but most things are forgotten.”
― Robert Holdstock, quote from Lavondyss

“if you don't first accept the gift as it is—if you change what you hear, or change what you learn—doesn't that make it weak somehow?" "Why should it?" Mr. Williams asked softly. "As I believe I've said to you before, the gift is not what you hear, or learn… the gift is being able to hear and learn. These things are yours from the moment they come and you can shape the tune, or the clay, or the painting, or whatever it is, because it belongs to you. It's what I've always done with my music.”
― Robert Holdstock, quote from Lavondyss

“I really didn't mean to steal it." Mr. Williams shook his head. He scratched at his chin nervously. "Why not? That's what they're there for. Tunes belong to everybody. So do stories.”
― Robert Holdstock, quote from Lavondyss

“So are you telling me…" he composed his thoughts. "Are you telling me that if you told the last story again, and changed the young woman to a young man, then somewhere in history that same young woman would suddenly grow a beard?" Tallis laughed at the image. "I don't know," she said. "I suppose so.”
― Robert Holdstock, quote from Lavondyss

“But stories are fragile. Like people's lives. It only takes a word out of place to change them forever. If you hear a lovely tune, and then you change it, the new tune might be lovely too, but you've lost the first one." "But if I stick to the first tune, then I've lost the second." "But someone else might discover it. It's still there to be born." "And the first tune isn't?" "No," Tallis insisted, although she was confused now. "It has already come into your mind. It's lost forever." "Nothing is lost forever," Mr. Williams said quietly. "Everything I've known I still know, only sometimes I don't know that I know it." All things are known, but most things are forgotten. It takes a special magic to remember them. "My grandfather said something like that to me," Tallis whispered. "Well there you are. Wise Old Men, one and all…”
― Robert Holdstock, quote from Lavondyss

“Have I told you about Christ?" "Ghost-born-man-walking-on-water-telling-stories-dead-on-tree.”
― Robert Holdstock, quote from Lavondyss

“A hundred years ago they'd have burned you as a witch…" "But I'm not a witch." "I don't suppose any of them were.”
― Robert Holdstock, quote from Lavondyss

“Minden mese és dallam varázslatból születik”
― Robert Holdstock, quote from Lavondyss

About the author

Robert Holdstock
Born place: in Hythe, Kent, England, The United Kingdom
Born date August 2, 1948
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