Quotes from Corps Security: The Series

Harper Sloan ·  1503 pages

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“Usually I have no issues controlling my temper, but when people want to act like half-wit window lickers I just can’t hold it back.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Corps Security: The Series

“swirl together and our breathing clashes, my hips are busy rubbing against his. My legs spread just about as wide as I can get, forcing my pussy to open like a flower and hug his dick tight. Pushing off his chest, I lift up, grab his dick, and slam myself home. I almost can’t hear the harsh bite of his breath over my scream. I feel the rings hitting a spot deep within me that will have me begging in no time. The one pressed tight against my clit has my vision going hazy. “Have . . . to . . . move,” he warns, and once again, I find myself rolled onto my back. He doesn’t even pause when he flips and pounds into me. His hips slap against mine, his balls make a loud, wet sound as they hit my skin, and his eyes flash something I wish to God I understood. “H-h-harder!” He slams deep and leans up on his knees causing his dick to slip out almost completely. His large hands grab my hips and bring my body half off the bed. With my head still on the bed, the rest of my body hovers under his control as he pulls back and gives me my wish. My legs are dead weight, my hands clench tightly in the sheets, and my eyes hold his. The look in his eyes combined with the hard hitting of his piercings, and the awe-inspiring thrusts is enough to have me screaming. Screaming, begging, and pleading. I have lost control of my body. It is locked tight and shattering into pieces. His hips pick up speed but then slightly slow down towards the end of my release. He brings my body back down to the mattress and rocks his hips, causing a few more aftershocks to roll through my body. “Do you like my cock? Do you like having me so deep in your body you won’t be able to walk tomorrow? The way your pussy is gripping my dick and your wetness is coating my balls, I would say you fucking love it.” I whimper and he smiles. This isn’t the attractive smile he gives the public, no . . . this smile is pure fucking sexy evil. “Going to fuck you raw.” He warns before making true to his words. When he finally grabs my hips and locks our pelvises together, I have come twice and lost track of reality.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Corps Security: The Series

“Beauty, you can call me whatever you want as long as you’re screaming it.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Corps Security: The Series

“The look he gives me is so full of promise that if I had been wearing underwear, they would have blown up, completely exploded, right from my skin.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Corps Security: The Series

“Sway! My vagina broke the happiness!”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Corps Security: The Series

“Girls aren’t supposed to see wieners, Aunt Dee. And Daddy’s wiener was mad that Mommy saw. It was so mad, it was pointing at her!”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Corps Security: The Series

“No, I’m not okay! I brought you Mexican and my vagina broke the happiness! Do I look okay?”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Corps Security: The Series

“Don’t hide who you are, Dee. One thing I have learned is you never hide who you are. If you want something, you fight for it. When you think you have fought hard enough, fight a little more. Don’t ever let anyone or any situation make who you are.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Corps Security: The Series

“The next time you try to make yourself come, I’m going to fucking tie you to the bed and tease you until you pass out, but I won’t let you come for goddamn hours. I’ll bring your body to the edge, primed and ready to fall over the ledge, but never let you fall. Over and fucking over. Your screams of pleasure never hitting the peak that you pray I’ll give. I’m in charge of your pussy, Emersyn. Don’t fucking forget that your sweetness will only be given by me. My fucking fingers. My mouth. And MY cock.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Corps Security: The Series

“We all have our battles. We get past them the best we can by putting one foot in front of the other. Looking back doesn’t do anything but make it hurt a little more.”
― Harper Sloan, quote from Corps Security: The Series

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