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9+ quotes from Inner Harbor by Nora Roberts

Quotes from Inner Harbor

Nora Roberts ·  324 pages

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“Up to this point your life has pretty much sucked. You’re not responsible for that. But you are responsible for what happens from here on.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from Inner Harbor

“Phillip look into Ray's eyes. He saw compassion and hope. And he saw himself mirrored back, bleeding in a dirty gutter on a street where life was worth less than a dime bag.
Sick, tired, petrified, Phillip dropped his head into his hands.
"What's the point?"
"You're the point, son." Ray ran his hand over Phillip's hair. "You're the point.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from Inner Harbor

“He matters to me, too."
"I know he does."
"He didn't." Phillip pulled out his hammer to nail the laps. "Not as much as he did to you. Not enough. It's different now."
"I know that, too." For the next few minutes they worked in tandem, without words. "You stood up for him anyway," Cam added when the plank was in place. "Even when he didn't matter enough."
"I did it for Dad."
"We all did it for Dad. Now we're doing it for Seth.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from Inner Harbor

“You belong with us," he said quietly. "Nothing's going to change that.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from Inner Harbor

“I don't want to marry her, I just want to have a nice, civilized dinner with her."
"Then bounce on her," Seth finished.
"Christ. He gets that from you," Philip accused Cam.
"He came that way," Cam wrapped an arm around Seth's neck. "Didn't you, brat?"
The panic didn't come now, as it used to whenever Seth was touched or held. Instead he wriggled and grinned.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from Inner Harbor

“My mother said once that we were all hers already. We just hadn't found each other before.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from Inner Harbor

“Flowers, champagne, caviar. Do you usually come so well equipped when you break and enter?"
"Only when I want to apologize and throw myself on the mercy of a beautiful woman.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from Inner Harbor

“It was different with Seth," Anna went on. "Right from the first minute, everything about him pulled at me. I couldn't stop it. I tried, but I couldn't. I've thought about that, and I believe, sincerely, that my feelings for him were there, just there, even before I met him. We were meant to be part of each other's lives. He was meant to be part of this family, and this family was meant to be mine.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from Inner Harbor

“It wasn't the paramedics or the surgical team that saved my life. It was Ray and Stella Quinn.”
― Nora Roberts, quote from Inner Harbor

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Nora Roberts
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