Quotes from A Spell for Chameleon

Piers Anthony ·  344 pages

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“One day you'll discover that the opinions of worthless people are worthless.”
― Piers Anthony, quote from A Spell for Chameleon

“Bink knew the dolphin only from old pictures; it was a kind of magic fish that breathed air instead of water.”
― Piers Anthony, quote from A Spell for Chameleon

“How many people similarly spent their lives searching for their own spells—some gratuitous benefit such as a silver tree or political power or undeserved acclaim—when all they really needed was to be satisfied with what they already had? Sometimes what they had was better than what they thought they wanted.”
― Piers Anthony, quote from A Spell for Chameleon

“Now it was done. He was free of Xanth forever. Free to make his own life, without being ridiculed or mothered or tempted. Free to be himself.
Bink put his face in his hands and cried.”
― Piers Anthony, quote from A Spell for Chameleon

“It is the man who can’t be trusted who does not trust others because he judges them by himself.”
― Piers Anthony, quote from A Spell for Chameleon

“All because he had tried to rescue a beautiful, vacuous girl from a dragon. In folklore, such a hero always received a most intriguing reward. In reality, the hero was as likely as not to find himself in need of rescue…”
― Piers Anthony, quote from A Spell for Chameleon

“there was nothing but mutual mischief.”
― Piers Anthony, quote from A Spell for Chameleon

About the author

Piers Anthony
Born place: in Oxford, England, The United Kingdom
Born date August 6, 1934
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