11+ quotes from More Than Water by Renee Ericson

Quotes from More Than Water

Renee Ericson ·  340 pages

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― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water

“Men aren't known for spilling their guts. It's like their penises block some forms of speech.”
― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water

“I’m surprised you don’t have any tattoos. I thought that was part of the artist uniform.”
“Who says I should be that much of a cliché? I’m naturally a masterpiece.”
― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water

“Plans are for fools who are naive and selfish. No one can predict anyone’s life, no matter how hard they might try. At the end of the day, everyone was gifted with something called free will.”
― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water

“Love is a driving force for a person's decisions, motives, and purpose in life, as is evidenced by many stories told throughout history. It has caused happiness, joy, war, and deceit. Without love, one cannot function and thrive among their peers or humanity as a whole. Its absence can cause irreparable harm to thought processes and logic—or in Van Gogh’s case, make one crazed.”
― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water

“I love you, Evelyn.” Leaning in, he grazes my earlobe with his mouth. “For longer than you might have known.”
He chuckles against my cheek. “That’s all you have to say? Likewise?”
“Just shut up and kiss me.”
“I was getting there.”
― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water

“This is the face of a man looking at a woman he loves. He has no money or prestige, only his heart.”
― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water

“Can I call you Fozzie?”
“Can I call you Evelyn?”
“Not if you want me to answer.”
“It’s safe to say, the same goes for calling me Fozzie. I’m not a Muppet.”
― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water

“Like a flame breaking the boundaries to survive underwater, we, too, are something beautiful. We are a substance of our own design. We’re more than water. We’re more than fire. We’re a miracle, a living and breathing combination, with no formula to define us.  ”
― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water

“This kiss will consummate a part of myself with him that is newly revealed - the living and breathing substance pulsating between both of us.”
― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water

“I don't ask any questions. I don't say a word. There's a time to be quiet, and this is one of them because all sound is just white noise when inner thoughts are the only language one can comprehend.”
― Renee Ericson, quote from More Than Water


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