6+ quotes from Mistaken Kiss by Kathleen Baldwin

Quotes from Mistaken Kiss

Kathleen Baldwin ·  226 pages

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“For the first time, she felt proud to lay claim to her gender. Perhaps men had life easier. But they would never know this. They would never walk the shadow lands of pain and death to be part of the miracle of life.”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from Mistaken Kiss

“was also witty and likable, intelligent”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from Mistaken Kiss

“They Sailed Away In A Silver Cup Upon A Grassy Sea”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from Mistaken Kiss

“Sing A Song Of Sixpence A Pocketful Of Lies”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from Mistaken Kiss

“I’ve watched the seconds pat and nurse Their man; and seen him put to bed; With twenty guineas in his purse, And not an eye within his head. —J.H. Reynolds, The Fancy”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from Mistaken Kiss

“Adieu the clang of war’s alarms! To other deeds my soul is strung, And sweeter notes shall now be sung; My harp shall all its powers reveal, To tell the tale my heart must feel; Love, Love alone, my lyre shall claim, In songs of bliss and sighs of flame.”
― Kathleen Baldwin, quote from Mistaken Kiss

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Kathleen Baldwin
Born place: in The United States
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