Quotes from Exquisite Corpse

Poppy Z. Brite ·  240 pages

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“It was like discovering that your innermost fires and terrors, the things you believed no one else could fathom, were in fact the basis of a recognized philosophy. Some part of you felt intimately invaded, threatened; some other part fell to its knees and sobbed in gratitude that it was no longer alone.”
― Poppy Z. Brite, quote from Exquisite Corpse

“I'm your nightmare. Did you think you were done with nightmares, now you've become one?”
― Poppy Z. Brite, quote from Exquisite Corpse

“Never relinquish your terrors. That's when they catch you.”
― Poppy Z. Brite, quote from Exquisite Corpse

“I press my hands against my chest, wishing I could somehow be even closer to him. I hate skin; I hate bones and bodies. I want to curl up inside of him and be carried there forever.”
― Poppy Z. Brite, quote from Exquisite Corpse

“Horror is the badge of humanity, worn proudly, self-righteously, and often falsely.”
― Poppy Z. Brite, quote from Exquisite Corpse

“And what was I if not death's ghostwriter?”
― Poppy Z. Brite, quote from Exquisite Corpse

“Ah, relationships. If he was lucky, Luke thought, he would never have another one.”
― Poppy Z. Brite, quote from Exquisite Corpse

“But if I die without trying again, I'm a coward. I don't mind having regrets about stuff I've done. It's the regrets about stuff I haven't done that bother me.”
― Poppy Z. Brite, quote from Exquisite Corpse

About the author

Poppy Z. Brite
Born place: in New Orleans, Louisiana, The United States
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