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Quotes from Ice

Sarah Beth Durst ·  308 pages

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“I do not want leaving me to be easy.”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Ice

“Whether he loved her or not didn't change how she felt about him. She loved him independent and regardless of whether he loved her.”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Ice

“She had a hundred reasons: because Bear had carved a statue of her in the center of the topiary garden, because she could always make him laugh, because he'd let her return to the station, because he won at chess and lost at hockey, because he ran as fast as he could to polar bear births, because he had seal breath even as a human, because his hands were soft, because he was her Bear. "Because i want my husband back," Cassie said.”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Ice

“She was only a few yards from the door. If she lunged, she could be safely inside with solid metal between her and the bear. But she had called to him, and he had come. The tranquilizer dart that she had shot on the sea ice now lay in front of her. Impossibly, inexplicably, the bear had brought it back to her. She felt light-headed, and she knew she was shaking. She raised her eyes to look at the bear.

He was a mass of shadows at the edge of the station floodlights. She could make out the shape of his muzzle and the hunch of his shoulders. "Cassandra Dasent," he said. His voice was a soft rumble.

She felt as if her heart had stopped beating.”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Ice

“Of course, in that case, he had deserved it. She didn’t care if he was from UCLA—what breed of idiot went out on the ice without a face mask?”
― Sarah Beth Durst, quote from Ice


About the author

Sarah Beth Durst
Born date May 23, 2018
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