Quotes from The Delicate Dependency: A Novel of the Vampire Life

Michael Talbot ·  406 pages

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“We're still in the Dark Ages. The scared and the superstitious savage still lurks behind the mask of civilization and he will remain there for untold generations to come.”
― Michael Talbot, quote from The Delicate Dependency: A Novel of the Vampire Life

“How disorienting and isolating immortality must be, and how strong he must be to weather it.”
― Michael Talbot, quote from The Delicate Dependency: A Novel of the Vampire Life

“I told you, knowledge is our Holy Grail, and I daresay the wisdom possessed by the vampire would boggle your imagination. You see, we don't have political allegiances to worry about, or religion, or differing mores. We all work together for one purpose: to further our achievements and our learning.”
― Michael Talbot, quote from The Delicate Dependency: A Novel of the Vampire Life

“It is a sad truth, but it is a truth, indeed, that the knowledge of the human species far surpasses their wisdom.”
― Michael Talbot, quote from The Delicate Dependency: A Novel of the Vampire Life

“Alas, but you do not recognize one thing, Monsieur le Docteur, one thing that you will find very difficult to comprehend. The twelfth century was quite different from today, different in a most special way. You see, the entire world believed in magic, and this affected things. It altered the world we perceived, everyone perceived, mortal and vampire alike. You will not be able to accept this, but it altered the very laws of physics. Magic was a little more real.”
― Michael Talbot, quote from The Delicate Dependency: A Novel of the Vampire Life

About the author

Michael Talbot
Born place: in Grand Rapids, Michigan, The United States
Born date September 29, 1953
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