Quotes from Afterlife

Isabella Kruger ·  250 pages

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“My dreams were always the same I could see myself laughing . I was standing somewhere in a forest a raindrop rolled down a branch and fell on my nose . My hair was a sparkling red color and I was wearing a white flowing ball gown made from silk. I could feel him the one I loved staring at me intensely . His eyes as gold as the sun . I could hear him saying my love Fleur .. you are everything to me. His fingertips lightly shivering as he touched my face beckoning for me to come closer. I don't know what I would do if I lost you . "Are you sure you want to be with me?" My body protested as I fought for him to stay but he never did. As soon as I woke up his presence was gone.”
― Isabella Kruger, quote from Afterlife

“As he satin the tree he looked down at the girl in the floral dress and felt his heart miss a beat.”
― Isabella Kruger, quote from Afterlife

“However, I'm here to tell you dear reader that there is always more than meets the eye.”
― Isabella Kruger, quote from Afterlife

“it doesn’t matter where we are going, or what the future brings and what people might do to us, the past always comes back one way or another.”
― Isabella Kruger, quote from Afterlife

“As the manager sits before a performance, as the critics wait like hungry dogs to rip apart the performance, they all become entwined in the theatrics of it all.”
― Isabella Kruger, quote from Afterlife

About the author

Isabella Kruger
Born place: in Durban , South Africa
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