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“no saint goes without sinning, and no sinner goes without having some saintly qualities.  You can judge one for their mistakes, or you can love them for the flaws they try to correct. ”
― quote from Hooked on the Game

“People talk whether you're in school or not, but it doesn't dictate anything. You choose how much you allow people to rule you.”
― quote from Hooked on the Game

“In my opinion, no saint goes without sinning, and no sinner goes without having some mainly qualitites.”
― quote from Hooked on the Game

“I swallow hard, wondering how in the hell I'm going to be able to fit into any of these clothes.  I've seen his models on TV.  They eat air for breakfast and ice for lunch.  There's no way.”
― quote from Hooked on the Game

“Before I got here, I thought a size four was a good size.  And then I saw the natives wearing a size negative-triple-zero, or something crazy like that.”
― quote from Hooked on the Game

“have to tell him that all three times we had sex were terrible.  Personally, I learned sex is highly overrated.  I see no point in reliving the worst six minutes of my life... total.  I don't get the appeal.  Maybe”
― quote from Hooked on the Game

“he expects me to elaborate.  Boundaries.  These damn people need boundaries. "So no boyfriend, but you're not a virgin?" he prods, seeming to delight”
― quote from Hooked on the Game

“like this conversation.  Too many memories are attached to the questions he's asking.”
― quote from Hooked on the Game

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“I'm totally cool. I'm totally calm, and I'm totally cool. My calm is exceeded only by my cool. Which is total. Here we go.”
― Joss Whedon, quote from Astonishing X-Men, Volume 3: Torn

“I would fly our child wherever she needed to go.”
― Nalini Singh, quote from Angels' Flight

“I wish I could take all of the pain and all of the hurt away from him. I wish that I could make it so that he never suffered. I wish I could save him from the world.”
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“He's not learning. He's not experiencing. He's remembering.

He walks to the next screen, hungry to be himself again.”
― James Dashner, quote from The Maze Runner Files

“Deep winter and the night air is cold. So still,
it feels like the world goes on forever in the darkness
until you look up and the earth stops
in a ceiling of stars. My head against
my grandfather's arm,
a blanket around us as we sit on the front porch swing.
Its whine like a song.

You don't need words
on a night like this. Just the warmth
of your grandfather's arm. Just the silent promise
that the world as we know it
will always be here.”
― Jacqueline Woodson, quote from Brown Girl Dreaming

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