Quotes from The Iron Butterfly

Chanda Hahn ·  265 pages

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“to take something that was meant for good and use it to do evil is a sin.”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“then pain. “Ouch! Blistering son of a scorpion!” I cussed.”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“The dark does not like to be ignored, and its call is sweet like honey, but it will devour you whole and spit you out.”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“Thalia, if you don’t want to be the prey anymore, then you can only do one thing. Become the hunter.”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“We need you to catch up on your defensive training as soon as possible. And I will have to discuss this with the Council.” Her hand went to her hips.  “Now remember,” she went on, “you are to go nowhere without Kael, unless he is busy instructing, then you are to either have Captain Garit or Joss with you at all times. Any questions?” I opened my mouth for a rebuttal, but she”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“Down in this hell, silence was more than golden; it was the difference between life and death.”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“He had come to take one of us to Raven. Drips of sweat beaded across my forehead as the footsteps drew closer.”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“attending to the stable boy with the silver piece. I didn’t know why I was acting this way. I kept”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“Ruzaa, stay strong. Never change who you are for anyone.”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“Darren stayed way past visiting hours and Healer Prentiss, not swayed by Darren's good looks, kicked them both out.”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“Ouch! Blistering son of a scorpion!” I cussed.”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

“Or maybe it's that you would prefer someone else as your bodyguard altogether? Someone like Joss? Who is probably still hiding in your room, by the way.”
― Chanda Hahn, quote from The Iron Butterfly

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Chanda Hahn
Born place: in Seattle, WA, The United States
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