Quotes from Green Rider

Kristen Britain ·  471 pages

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“You're a stubborn, ill-trained horse." she said
The horse snorted and walked towards the North Road of his own volition.
"Hey!" Karigan pulled back on the reins. "Whoa. Who do you think is in charge here?”
― Kristen Britain, quote from Green Rider

“I swear...I'll deliver the message for the love of my country.”
― Kristen Britain, quote from Green Rider

“When you aren’t committed to the outcome of the game, there is no way you can win.”
― Kristen Britain, quote from Green Rider

“I rather fancy the story of Laurelyn the Moondreamer and how she built a castle of silver moonbeams, don’t you? Silver-mind it was called.”
― Kristen Britain, quote from Green Rider

“Indeed, no one should see too much of their own history or future.”
― Kristen Britain, quote from Green Rider

“The creature prodded The Horse’s belly with an antenna. When he didn’t respond, it emitted a clicking sound, perhaps of approval. From The Horse, it sidled to the webbing, and moved up the line from the doe to the raccoon, then to Karigan. Eye stalks wavered as it inspected its prey. It poked her ribs with an antenna, and softly whistled to itself. Karigan jerked away and slapped her free hand at the antenna. “Get away!” But already the creature’s attention was on the spherical objects. It nudged one or two with its claw to a more satisfactory position, then trundled away. Karigan”
― Kristen Britain, quote from Green Rider

“Abram spoke long into the night. His stories took shape slowly and deliberately”
― Kristen Britain, quote from Green Rider

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Kristen Britain
Born place: The United States
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