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5+ quotes from ttyl by Lauren Myracle

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Lauren Myracle ·  209 pages

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“Damn you. WHY do you plant these things in my head?”
― Lauren Myracle, quote from ttyl

“no means no, u weirdo stalkerhead!”
― Lauren Myracle, quote from ttyl

“mad maddie: i am SOOOO pissed. SnowAngel: oh no. why? mad maddie: one word. well, two. JANA WHITAKER. SnowAngel: the queen bee of our entire class? *gasps* what’d she do this time? mad maddie: i hate her. she’s evil. SnowAngel: i KNOW that. TELL ME WHAT SHE DID!!!! mad maddie: we had a substitute for last period study hall and he insisted on taking roll, cuz god forbid one of us had snuck off to do something productive. when he got to me he called out, “madeleine kinnick?” and jana turns around, all batting eyes and innocent, and goes, “um, isn’t your name madigan?” SnowAngel: yr name IS madigan. mad maddie: which jana totally knows! SnowAngel: so what’s the problem? mad maddie: r u serious?!! mad maddie: it was the way she said it, like she was honestly confused. like, “oh my goodness, i THINK i know u, don’t i?” WHEN WE’VE GONE TO SCHOOL TOGETHER SINCE 7th GRADE!!!”
― Lauren Myracle, quote from ttyl

“zoegirl: on the phone, angela kept saying, “is it cuz tonnie’s prettier than me? IS it?” i feel so bad for her. mad maddie: did she say anything to rob when she saw him? and did he see her? zoegirl: he saw her, all right. angela said he stared at her for like ten seconds, and then he turned to tonnie and started talking really animatedly, even though a blush had spread from his neck all the way up his face. zoegirl: angela grabbed chrissy and her mom and jerked them out the door, and then she burst into tears. mad maddie: that asshole”
― Lauren Myracle, quote from ttyl

“mad maddie: zoe, angela is her own worst enemy, you know. zoegirl: i love her so much, but i do kind of understand what you’re saying. but i don’t know how to tell her that to her face. i don’t even know if i want to say it to her face. mad maddie: i do. i just wanna shake her shoulders and say, “GET A CLUE! HE IS A LOSER!!!” zoegirl: i know. it’s so sad. mad maddie: yeah, but it’s also just ANNOYING.”
― Lauren Myracle, quote from ttyl

About the author

Lauren Myracle
Born place: in Brevard, North Carolina, The United States
Born date May 15, 1969
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