Quotes from The Mayfair Moon

J.A. Redmerski ·  352 pages

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“Time is cruel like life. It slows down so that you can truly experience the worst moments of it. Only if you make it through them do you get to say ‘It all happened so fast.”
― J.A. Redmerski, quote from The Mayfair Moon

“I tried to will them with my super mental powers so he’d put them around my waist, but apparently I had no super mental powers.”
― J.A. Redmerski, quote from The Mayfair Moon

“I think it was the one thing I didn’t like about him or about guys in general: when a girl says she doesn’t want to talk about it, the truth is that she usually does. I wanted him to pry it out of me. Of course, I would’ve pretended to be a little angry that he didn’t just leave me alone, but eventually I would’ve told him, when I was tired of pretending.”
― J.A. Redmerski, quote from The Mayfair Moon

“I have to live and make my own choices, my own mistakes. You have to let me be me, even if i suck at it sometimes." - Adria”
― J.A. Redmerski, quote from The Mayfair Moon

“I was completely into Isaac Mayfair. Everything just felt right, like it was meant to be. Whatever "it" was. ~Adria”
― J.A. Redmerski, quote from The Mayfair Moon

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J.A. Redmerski
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