6+ quotes from Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher

Quotes from Furies of Calderon

Jim Butcher ·  504 pages

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“The course of history is determined not by battles, by sieges, or usurpation, but by the individuals. The strongest army is, at its most basic level, a collection of individuals. Their decisions, their passions, their foolishness, and their dreams shape the years to come. If there is any lesson to be learned from history, it is that all too often the fate of armies, of cities, of entire realms rests upon the actions of one person's decision, good or bad, right or wrong, big or small, can unwittingly change the world.
But history can be quite the slattern. One never knows who that person is, where he might be, or what decision he might male.
It is almost enough to make me believe in destiny.”
― Jim Butcher, quote from Furies of Calderon

“Because a sound tree doesn't have bad roots, Amara. No enterprise of greatness
begins with treachery, with lying to the people who trust and love you”
― Jim Butcher, quote from Furies of Calderon

“Tavi looked wildly around the courtyard, and when his gaze flicked toward them, his face lit witha ferocious smile. "Uncle Bernard! Uncle Bernard!" he shouted, pointing at Doroga. "He followed me home! Can we keep him?”
― Jim Butcher, quote from Furies of Calderon

“Kord sees power as something to satisfy his desires, instead of a tool to protect and serve the people beholden to him. It’s a stupid attitude, and it will eventually get him killed—but until then it makes him dangerous.”
― Jim Butcher, quote from Furies of Calderon

“In for a sheep, in for a gargant.”
― Jim Butcher, quote from Furies of Calderon

“Ad hominem is a notoriously weak logical argument. And is usually used to distract the focus of a discussion - to move it from an indefensible point and to attack the opponent.
~ Lord Aquitainus Attis ~ Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher”
― Jim Butcher, quote from Furies of Calderon

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Jim Butcher
Born place: in Independence, Missouri, The United States
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