5+ quotes from The Quest for Christa T. by Christa Wolf

Quotes from The Quest for Christa T.

Christa Wolf ·  185 pages

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“You love tenderly and warmly, but your love is like friendship. That's why you have good friends, you're sociable, sympathetic toward people. Until this dissatisfaction comes over you-you know what I'm talking about. Then you become moody, can even repulse people who are close to you, even people who love you, you know why. Those are bad times when everything goes cold, and they follow the times of great love...”
― Christa Wolf, quote from The Quest for Christa T.

“Wann - wenn nicht jetzt Wann soll man leben wenn nicht in der Zeit die einem gegeben ist”
― Christa Wolf, quote from The Quest for Christa T.

“Einmal im Leben zur rechten Zeit sollte man an Unmögliches geglaubt haben.”
― Christa Wolf, quote from The Quest for Christa T.

“The happy times of pristine thinking and open minds, always favorable for beginnings, belonged now to the past, and we knew it.”
― Christa Wolf, quote from The Quest for Christa T.

“Coldness in everything. It comes from a long way off; it gets into everything. One must get out of the way before it reaches the core. If it does that, one won't feel even the coldness any more. Do you see what I mean?”
― Christa Wolf, quote from The Quest for Christa T.

About the author

Christa Wolf
Born place: in Landsberg, Germany
Born date March 18, 1929
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