12+ quotes from Tempestuous by Lesley Livingston

Quotes from Tempestuous

Lesley Livingston ·  361 pages

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“Do you stop caring about someone you love - just because they don't feel the same way?”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“You can't choose someone else's destiny for them, Kelley. And you shouldn't let anyone choose yours.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“You have to choose your battles. The key is choosing the ones you know you can win.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“It might not have been the destiny you would have asked for, Fennrys," she said quietly. "But I'm starting to think that the only destiny there is...is the one we make for ourselves.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“Some things you just have to take on faith and believe in at the risk of getting hurt. It's one of the things that the Fair Folk will never understand, and it's something that sets us apart from them. The fact that each and every time we believe in each other we take a risk. Because we know that it might NOT be the truth. But we also know that it MIGHT be.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“There are always two sides to every story, Kelley. Something I learned playing Richard the Third and Macbeth: if you're playing the 'bad guy', you never really think of yourself as bad. It's just that your motives are often...misunderstood by everyone else.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“There's one thing I've learned about mortals. They're a lot more resilient and a whole bunch more resourceful than they usually give themselves credit for. Why else do you think the Fae have always had such a fascination with them? Why d'you think Auberon uses changelings to guard the Gate? Trolls are stronger, cheaper, more plentiful, and nobody cares if they get exploded or ripped to pieces. But he uses mortals. Because they're full of hidden strengths.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“I thought you said you dislocated Selene’'s shoulder!”" Sonny called to Cait, who’'d tumbled for safety into the black water behind the stern of the boat.
“"I did! I guess someone elserelocated it!”" she shouted back.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“That doesn’'t happeneverytime you kiss someone, does it? ”" Maddox said to Chloe, gasping through the pain of his double injuries.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“Estamos hechos de la misma materia que los sueños.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“Muy bien. Veamos adónde nos lleva esto.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

“Toda historia tiene dos caras. Si interpretas el papel del "malo", nunca piensas en ti mismo como si fueras malo. Lo que ocurre es que los demás... a menudo no comprenden tus razones.”
― Lesley Livingston, quote from Tempestuous

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