Quotes from Beautiful Broken Things

Sara Barnard ·  328 pages

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“But people we love come and go, Caddy. That doesn’t mean we loved them any less at the time.”
― Sara Barnard, quote from Beautiful Broken Things

“Everyone says apologizing works, but it never really does. Not quickly enough anyway.”
― Sara Barnard, quote from Beautiful Broken Things

“There is no enough.’ Tarin flicked her indicator on, the clicking noise filling the car as she merged on to the motorway. ‘You seem to be forgetting that she’s in a clinical facility getting professional help. Which is great, obviously. Let them worry about how to deal with depression. You’re going to visit your friend, remember? Yes, she’s a patient, but she’s not your patient. So for God’s sake, don’t treat her like one.”
― Sara Barnard, quote from Beautiful Broken Things

“I was sixteen, and I honestly believed I was due a love story.”
― Sara Barnard, quote from Beautiful Broken Things

“Someone like you is brilliant and amazing,' I said. 'Why can't you see that in yourself?' The unfairness of it was starting to sink in. If she could only see herself like I did, there wouldn't be a problem. But she didn't, and she never would, and that was so many levels of wrong and unfair I almost couldn't comprehend it.”
― Sara Barnard, quote from Beautiful Broken Things

“Even when you see it coming, there's no avoiding the inevitable.”
― Sara Barnard, quote from Beautiful Broken Things

“After a silence, Sarah reached for the gift bag I realized I was still holding. “I’ll tell her you came by as soon as she wakes up.”

“I could come right back if she wants me to,” I heard myself say.

A smile spread across her face. “You’re very sweet.”

“I just want to make it better,” I said, feeling helpless.

Sarah didn’t reply. She didn’t need to. I knew what she was thinking, because I was thinking it too. It looped in my head as I walked back home.

You can’t.
― Sara Barnard, quote from Beautiful Broken Things

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