Quotes from To Catch a Pirate

Jade Parker ·  230 pages

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“They say fifty lashes will kill a man. So I'll spare you the last one.”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

“He wouldn’t charm her. She’d almost forgot what his kiss tasted like., felt like. She only remembered it when she drifted into dreams. Then it became so vivid, so real. To her mortification, she always felt a little thrill. Her life had been filled with gentlemen of the finest quality. James Sterling was like none of them, he was unpolished. A diamond in the rough. A scoundrel. A pirate.”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

“Better to face the devil than have him at your back.”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

“I’ll always be there, Anna, in every ship you see sailing past. I’ll be the wind in its sail.”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

“How did you come to be a pirate?”
“I was aboard a pirate ship.”
She rolled her eyes at him. “How did you come to be aboard a pirate ship?”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

“When she returned to her cabin, Dr.Gabriel was already there examining Sterling's back. Sterling lay on his stomach, on her bunk, his eyes closed. She wondered if he was sleeping. She doubted it. He was probably unconscious. Or perhaps he'd closed his eyes in order to hide what he was feeling.”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

“Her heart lurched and tears burned her eyes. “Surely you can escape.”
“Not this time.” He captured a tear that rolled down her cheek. “Don’t cry. You’ve given me more joy than I’ve ever known.”
“It’s not enough.”
He gave her a sad grin. “That’s how pirates are made. The plunder we take is never enough. We’re never content with what we have. We always want more.”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

“Keep telling yourself that, m'lady. Maybe you'll come to believe it.”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

“You were his protector, yet he betrayed you.”
James shrugged. “Odd thing is, I know if I asked, he’d die for me.”
She studied him for a moment. “But you’d never ask.”
“Nay. I never would.”
“You’re a complicated man, James Sterling.” She said softly.”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

“You're the only treasure I'll ever need.”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

“She’d looked so beautiful standing there, gazing out to sea. Crimson had once told him a tale about Sirens, magical creatures that lived on an island. Their songs lured mariners to their destruction – their ships were destroyed by the rocks surrounding the island. And even knowing that death awaited them, they couldn’t resist the lure of the Sirens’ song.”
― Jade Parker, quote from To Catch a Pirate

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