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“I'll never tire of her warm smile or bright green eyes. She's mine, in sickness and in health, till death do us part-scratch that- even in the afterlife she's mine and I'll fight any spirity-ghost bastard that attempts to fuck this up.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Forever Consumed

“I'm the man of the house, the husband-fuck it- I'm the king, and I had to make my queen happy.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Forever Consumed

“Mine will say; 'If you want to join my social circle, don't bang my friends. Shit gets REAL weird, REAL quick.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Forever Consumed

“He is annoying-quite possibly the most annoying man I've ever met, and I fucking love him. I love him with everything I have, and tonight i promised I will for the rest of my life.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Forever Consumed

“....They're called "better halves" for a reason, I guess. You can't have one half that's worse than you. It'd be a disaster.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Forever Consumed

“I learned one thing; you should endeavor to find the one person you're comfortable with. You should go out of your way to find someone who makes you smile at the same time they make you mad. You should find someone who doesn't give you ultimatums, but is willing to grow with you and not for you. The right person for you will grow beacause they want to, not because you want them to. You should find someone who knows exactly how to make it up to you when they make mistakes- and remember, everyone makes mistakes.
No one should settle for less.
Everyone deserves their own Seth.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Forever Consumed

“I’m egotistical, spoiled and arrogant. She’s kind, generous, and thoughtful.

They’re called ‘better halves’ for a reason, I guess.

You can’t have one half that’s worse than you. It’d be a disaster.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Forever Consumed

“Seth looks positively delicious in a black three piece suit, but personally, I think it'll look better on the floor somewhere- maybe thrown over the seats in the car.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Forever Consumed

“Don Russell took from Seth and Seth doesn't fare well when his things are taken.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Forever Consumed

“I'm the man of the house, the husband-fit it- I'm the king, and I had to make my queen happy.”
― Skyla Madi, quote from Forever Consumed

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