Quotes from Transfer of Power

Vince Flynn ·  549 pages

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“he also discovered a correlation between their opinions and the conviction with which they stated them. It seemed that the less someone knew, the more forcefully he tried to state his case.”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Transfer of Power

“instead of fighting the system, it was often better to say yes and then go off and do whatever you thought was best.”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Transfer of Power

“As a military historian Flood knew all too well the pitfalls of taking the easy road in times of crisis, of negotiating for today without an eye to the future.”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Transfer of Power

“door and said, “Let’s get that thing open, and then”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Transfer of Power

“moving down the stairs. “What’s our best guess?” he whispered. There was some discussion on”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Transfer of Power

“Safety and Security Instruments out of San Diego.”
― Vince Flynn, quote from Transfer of Power


About the author

Vince Flynn
Born place: in St. Paul, Minnesota, The United States
Born date April 6, 1966
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