10+ quotes from Fated by Rebecca Zanetti

Quotes from Fated

Rebecca Zanetti ·  299 pages

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“You picked the wrong girl to dominate, Dracula.”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Fated

“There's no sweeter taste in the entire history of the world than your skin on fire. For me.”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Fated

“The door opened to reveal Janie gleefully putting the finishing touches of the bright pink polish on Max's hands.

"Nice timing," the solider said with a grimace.

Talen snorted. "You're relieved, in case you need to powder your cheeks.”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Fated

“The faeries are kind of Switzerland with a big stick.”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Fated

“It’s Okay, Mom.” The little girl grinned impishly. “Max will be pretty with pink nails.”

“Oh I brought my A-game,” the vampire snorted as he sat on the other couch.

“Bout Time,” Janie retorted”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Fated

“And of course, everybody pays taxes. You don’t mess with the IRS, no matter which race you belong to.”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Fated

“Our mates are human. And Cara”— his voice dropped to a rumble—“you’re mine.”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Fated

“We will mate tonight, wife.” His eyes flared hot and golden.
“No.” She lifted her chin and ignored the skittering in her lower stomach.
“Cara,” he leaned forward in his chair, “before this night has ended you will have no doubt you’ve been mated.”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Fated

“Your people wouldn’t fight with each other so often if the ones deciding to fight were the first ones to bleed.”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Fated

“It’s Achillea millefolium,” Cara said, pulling the small flowers off the stem, filling the air with the scent of sage. “What?” Katie groaned. “Yarrow. It’s an herb used for wounds, cuts, and abrasions.”
― Rebecca Zanetti, quote from Fated

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Rebecca Zanetti
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